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Time Trial – Saturday AM
I didn’t wake up Saturday morning feeling my best to race but TKC is my home team event so I was going to give it my best shot. I pinned on my number, put my speed suit on, and got out of my car to walk around to the back to get my bike out, and I locked my keys in the car. I was actually a little surprised I made it this far in life without doing that but it was due. I always had the thought it would happen at a bike race. So I missed my TT start. I’ll get it back in the circuit race.

Circuit Race – Saturday PM
I warmed up as well as I could but I was still not feeling too hot. I had been sorta sick for past month and hadn’t raced in two weeks. The first to laps go by and I was feeling okay but the third time up the short 7.7% hill made me pop and I was off the back before I realized what happened. I gave it one more lap before calling it quits.

Crit – Sunday
I felt much better coming into the crit. The course was fairly flat but had enough rise to make it hurt for 1/3 of a lap before three downhill, 90 degree turns that you could rail before the finishing straight. I felt good the whole race and didn’t do any unnecessary work. The last couple laps I was starting to feel fatigued and let my position slip back to around 10th. As we came through the last corner someone around 4th position grabbed some brake and made everyone slow in front of me. Luckily I was able to adjust course through the turn, did not have to tough any brake, and sprinted up to a 5th place finish.
I am pretty happy with the result and can build up this week for a strong showing at Tulsa Tough next weekend.

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Photo Credit Scott Johnson