john cole spring fling 2018

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We are beginning to see warmer days here in the Kansas City area. This past weekend riders hit the road, hit the trails, and hit the races.

John Cole raced in the masters event at the Spring Fling Series in Lawrence, Kansas. John has done extremely well the past couple of years at the National Senior Games and is working on building fitness for his next attempt at the national title.

Matt and James were out at Landahl hitting the trails. The trails were dry and fast and the weather was great for some mountain biking. There were a lot of trail users this past weekend, the lot was full and the bikes were plentiful.

Some of the club members also hit the roads around town this weekend, getting ready for the upcoming riding season and the Tuesday/Thursday night rides out of Buffalo Wild Wings which should start next week.

We only have 5 months until our team Natchez Trail trip, it is never too early to start getting the miles in.

Featured photo via Roger Harrison