Mark DeBoer Spring Fling Criterium Photo Finish

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Spring Fling #2 – Points Race Crit
Saturday, March 5th

Last weekend was the opening weekend of my road season. I logged an 8th and 7th place finish. Less than satisfying. I came into this weekend seeking better validation that my off-season training was paying off. I arrived to Saturday’s race not feeling especially peppy but I felt like I had good power from Friday’s ride. I went for a little ride before my race hoping to wake up my legs and head. I’m not sure it helped since I lined up still feeling a bit lethargic, not tired though. I had my white Swiftwick socks on to help me out. Yes, they have special powers that top scientists don’t even understand. Thanks Swiftwick Socks!

The first prime came up and I made sure to stick to the front, that didn’t prove too hard. I went through the last corner in 6th and had a decent wheel in front of me. A couple guys started their sprint too early and started to slow. When they did I started my sprint and was able to get the last point available.

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The second prime came up and I was ready to get some points. We carried good speed down the backstretch and thinned it out through the third corner. Through the last corner I was sitting fourth and ready to strike. In the last corner the guy in the lead clipped a pedal and the second and third position guys grabbed a handful of brake. I luckily had let a little gap open and had enough time to adjust my line through the turn so I didn’t have to touch my brakes. I cruised to maximum points for the prime.
The third prime came and I was feeling slightly fatigued. I wasn’t sure if I should contest or save for the final lap. I flowed to the front and thought I would see what happened. It didn’t pan out.

Two laps to go and I found the wheel I wanted and didn’t let anyone take it from me. We came down the back stretch on the last lap and swarms came up both sides of us. We held good speed through the third corner and turned it up going into the last. I followed my wheel wide around the last turn and we began to move up. Sprints were dying out and I started to see daylight. My legs said no but my arms pulled me up to start my sprint. Shift up a gear and I’m next to first position. Photo finish. Ended up second on final lap points and second place in the race. Satisfied.

I decided to make the trip down to Skiatook, OK for the Tall Chief Classic on Sunday. Hills and wind, my favorite.

Mark DeBoer Spring Fling Criterium

Photo via Roger Harrison

Tall Chief Classic Road Race – four 15 mile laps, 60 miles total
Sunday, March 6th

I still fail to understand why bike racers insist on parking 6 inches away from each other. It remains a mystery.

That race was tough. Three nice climbs per lap, two of which were into the wind, a flat out wind at your back loop around to the beginning, and a cobble like sector mixed in. The first two laps went by without much drama. At the beginning of the third lap, about 30 miles in, there was a selection made of about 15 guys. I wasn’t at the front and missed out. I burnt a bunch of matches trying to bridge over a couple climbs but could not catch them. I stuck with the following group of about 15 and we quickly realized we were just riding to finish. I glanced at my computer and saw I had burned nearly 2000 calories already and had eaten barely anything. Not good. Fifteen miles from finish I began to fade pretty quickly.

On the bright side it wasn’t a bad course to ride in alone on, and for the fourth or fifth time now I have learned that I need to EAT ON THE BIKE! Coming in at 25th I finished in the top 50% and nearly half the field abandoned.

A thank you to Prologue Racing sponsors: RideBiker Alliance, Swiftwick Socks, Bike.America.KC, Rudy Project, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, crankbrothers, Life Balance Sports & Wellness, Smiles by Design, Jocelyn Rivard Propereties, and Vancebikelawyer!